The Chrysler 300 has a body-on-frame design and a rear-wheel-drive system. It has a sleek, smooth front grille with round and rectangular headlights. 

The car has a "Power Dome" hood with a power-operated and heated opening/closing mechanism.

The hood is 4,063mm long, 1,589mm high, and 1,413mm wide. It features one-piece composite body construction with a fully boxed-in frame, including a separate wheelhouse for structural stiffness, high-strength steel for occupant protection and lighter weight. The extensive use of aluminum in the structure helps reduce curb weight by up to 100 lb. (45 kg).

It has all-season performance wheels and a load-bearing tire with a low-rolling resistance. The multi-element front suspension uses a Strut front with lower control arms and coil springs, while the rear suspension uses a Torsion bar, multi-link suspension and coil springs.

The turn signal lights are flush mounted into the fenders, whereas other Chrysler cars usually have the turn signal lights mounted on the lower side of the grille. 


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