Discover the Durability of the Ram 2500

We at Porterville Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram know that drivers choose a vehicle for a ton of factors, including how durable it is. If the vehicle is durable, it is not only reliable for getting people from one point to another, but also for keeping people safe. We see this type of reliability with the new Ram 2500.

When looking at how durable a vehicle is, one of the biggest factors is in the frame. The Ram 2500 has the 50,000 PSI steel frame. This is one of the features that give the 2500 its strength as well as its toughness. With the hydroformed contours, this vehicle has been designed to be strong.

The Ram 2500 is also very powerful with its engine. This vehicle has a 6.7 Cummins Turbo I6, which makes the vehicle very reliable for towing. In order to experience the power and durability of the Ram 2500, you can take a test drive.



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