What Precisely is Horsepower?

You have seen the word before. You might have even heard it a few times on the radio or the television advertising the brightest and newest model of a truck or an SUV. Maybe it has even influenced your decision in a previous purchase that you have made. But what exactly is horsepower? And more importantly, how does it work?

When the first model of the steam engine was published in 1698 many people could not comprehend how the raw power of a horse could possibly be replaced by a mechanical device. Years later, to show just how amazing his new devices were, 18th century inventor James Watts decided to advertise his new steam engine models in terms of how many "horsepowers" they were equivalent to (a unit he calculated to be roughly 33,000 lbs. per foot a minute).

In other words, if you were able to move 33,000 lbs. a foot within the period of 1 minute then you would have the power of one horse, or one "horsepower".

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